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Colossians 3:1-2 If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.

COVID-19 has had a big impact on “our plans” in many ways this year. Brian’s sister’s wedding was postponed. The CBM family conference was cancelled. A speaking engagement at a hunter’s banquet cancelled. Deputation meetings need to be rescheduled. The kids’ spring concert became a virtual concert.

After three years we finally made it back to Boundary Waters for a vacation in August. Shortly into the trip, Brenda developed a tooth issue that ultimately led to a root canal. Our vacation ended sooner than we planned. Honestly, if we dwelt on the things of the earth we could easily be discouraged. 

And yet, the command is to set our minds on heavenly things. The hope that we have as believers is incredible. When we make time to stop and look for what God is doing, we see God working. What a blessing to see God’s Word being preached openly on social media. We have had opportunities to listen to our CBM family as well as supporting churches preaching and teaching God’s Word online. We have been blessed by being able to serve in our local church and being a help to various people. Brenda spent time helping her mom pack for her move back to Oregon. Brian and the kids spent that week helping his parent’s shingle the roof and replace some windows. Our garden has been a blessing both to us and others as we share the produce. 

On our way home from Boundary Waters, we visited the current build site in Gilbert, MN. It’s always a blessing to spend time with our fellow church builders. This time it was especially fun for Brian to see the progress of the building, as he has spent many hours learning from Pete and helping him work on these blue prints.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Fulfilling the great commission together,
Brian, Brenda, Amanda, Luke, Nathanael and Rebekah


  • The CBM office is open and Brian can go and work again in the mornings!
  • Amanda is learning to drive!
  • God’s many blessings during this time of uncertainty!
  • An abundance of garden produce this year!

Pray with us

  • October 18, Baptist Bible Church (our Michigan church), is voting to purchase land for building a new church.
  • Amanda is learning to drive. 🙂
  • Brian as he calls and schedules deputation meetings for 2021.

Build site

Lakeland Baptist Church Gilbert, MN

  • On October 4th they held their first service in the new auditorium. The builders are now preparing to leave. Please pray for safe travels and no break downs as they move.


What is the best thing you have done during the pandemic?

  • Amanda (16) “My health class.”
  • Luke (15) “Woodworking/lathe class”
  • Nathanael (12) “Probably going to Boundary Waters.”
  • Rebekah (9) “That’s hard, cause I have done a lot of fun stuff. Probably when Preston was here.”


  • Oct. 30 – Hosting CBM office bonfire
  • Nov. 8 – Calvary Baptist Church, Evart, MI


  • Raised: 64.7%
  • Only $2062 per month to go!
  • Prayerfully consider supporting us with $5 a month or more.