2013 Truth Tracker Grand Prix

In the Krueger house, we generally design the cars for speed. And this year was no different. Time was not on our side, so we did the basics. We didn’t bake the wood to remove 10% water weight. We didn’t polish the axels or sand the wheels. But we did put optimize the weight by putting 3 ounces of weight in the back of the car. All the cars were set to run on 3 wheels, then we spun the wheels while adding graphite. There are so many little tips and tricks to optimize the car for speed.

I also had the opportunity to help with 4 other cars. The biggest highlight was helping our 4-year-old neighbor build his first car. Our neighbor took 2nd in his division. Nathanael was in that division and didn’t place. Luke lost to his sister again and ended up taking 3rd place. And Amanda took first place in her division and first place overall.