Time Lapse Video of Chatsworth, IL

CBM Build Site

Below is a note from CBM missionary church planters Ed and Cheryl Bunt.

Dear Friends,

The roof is on! We had a wonderful week with some of our CBM builders and some volunteers. We personally enjoyed spending time with these friends. They were so encouraging and fun! With campers in the park downtown, builders going to the hardware store, and neighbors spreading the word, the project at Calvary created curiosity and big news in Chatsworth.

Along with that came opportunities and contacts. One man came to watch a couple of days while a man from across the street worked on the roof along with the crew for 2 afternoons. Someone donated some roofing supplies. A neighbor came with a cake to help feed everyone, a former member brought 2 meals, and an elderly Catholic lady brought brownies. The best part of that is that a builder’s wife was able to give her the gospel as they walked together down the street. Also, two little neighbor girls came to Sunday school as a result!

The Carrs, Genungs, Kruegers, Robinsons, and Woosters encouraged our church by their testimonies, they shared their hearts with observers and made us proud to be associated with the quality builders in our mission family. We will continue to have an opportunity with the contacts that were made and deepened this week.

We rejoice in the timing of this project. It refreshed the spirit of believers here and testified to the sweet aroma of believers before a watching world. Thanks for loaning us some of God’s special people.

Joyfully serving,
Ed & Cheryl Bunt