Building a LEGO church

As we thought about our display board and how to get our kids interested, I came up with the idea of building a church out of Legos.  Lego has never created a set to build a church, so we started searching the internet and found someone on eBay selling the plans to build a Lego church.

The plans called for 1,889 Lego blocks.  I soon realized that buying the blocks from Lego was going to get expensive at .20 each, and some of the pieces were no longer being sold.  That is when I found  I placed 12 different orders with 12 different people.  Some of the pieces were new and some of the pieces were used. We learned to never buy used white pieces, they discolor as they age.

The kids where excited as the packages arrived and couldn’t wait to get started.  Brenda realized pretty quickly that the building process went much better if she presorted the pieces that would be built the next day.

3 weeks of working an hour or so a night and the church was complete.  It was fun watching the kids work together following instructions and building the church piece by piece.