April Newsletter

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“Trusting in a treacherous man in time of trouble is like a bad tooth or a foot that slips ” Luke 12:24 (ESV)

In April, Brian experienced the pain of a bad tooth. A root canal failed, causing a significant infection. Thankfully, the antibiotics kicked in after a few days and helped reduce the pain. It was another week before it could be repaired. After experiencing a bad tooth, this verse is a great reminder for us. When we are in a time of trouble and great pain, we need to trust in God and not in man.

Brian has been looking for an opportunity to learn more about his time-lapse camera system. We were informed that the Oconomowoc, WI build site would not be starting in the near future, but while attending the Iowa Regular Baptist State Fellowship, he learned that the camp staff was going to start construction of another cabin. Amazingly, things fell into place so that Brian could set up the camera within a couple of weeks. The day we set up the camera was also the beginning of mother-daughter retreat. Although Brenda enjoyed the fellowship with the ladies, Brian felt a little out of place (especially during supper). Because of the retreat, the kids got to do some extra activities while we were there. Nathanael likes to tell people his first zip line experience happened during a mother-daughter retreat.

We enjoyed time at the circus with Brian’s parents and some close friends. Since the circus was in Sioux City, IA, we dropped by Good News Baptist Church. In 2003, we took a youth missions trip and help build this church. It’s always a blessing to revisit friends and worship in a church you helped CBM build. Nathanael turned eight in April. We celebrated with a chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting, decorated with chocolate chips and sprinkles, and chocolate chunk, chocolate ice cream (He was very specific with his request. 🙂 ).

Fulfilling the great commission together,

Brian, Brenda, Amanda, Luke, Nathanael and Rebekah Krueger

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